Let’s face it– because of recent global events, we have been spending a lot of time at home. You see the same boring walls and floors everyday. Your kitchen has the same look it has always had. The whole place seems outdated with interior design trends from years ago. It’s time for a change of pace. This year’s home decor trends have the power to change the personality of your home. It’s time for a new look! 

In 2022, working from home has proven to be a welcome change for some people, but you may not currently be working in the home office of your dreams. An interior designer from INSIDER says that our home offices will be one of the biggest design focuses in 2022. Whether you work in the kitchen, the bedroom, or an actual office, your home work space should be a place for you to stay focused and calm. Floor plans for new houses are being altered to fit the needs for additional work space by expanding kitchens, living rooms and even walk-in closets. One of the best home decor pieces to add to your home office is a bright light to help you stay focused on the tasks ahead of you! 

Another home decor trend that Home & Gardens states is important in 2022 is a bright, busy wallspace! Vibrant colors and fun patterns are sure to keep the eye entertained as we spend more and more time at home. There are many ways to achieve this– you can paint your wall, use wallpaper, and hang up colorful pictures or paintings. Popular patterns for the upcoming year are red and white stripes and exotic or tropical scenery. It’s common knowledge that paint can come in any shade of any color, but few know how many different patterns and styles of wallpaper there are; it’s easy to put up and affordable too! If you are not too keen on bright colors taking over your room, don’t worry– you don’t have to cover all of your walls. Create an accent wall or two by only covering a section of the room. You can also just cover the ceiling of the room if you wanted to. Feel your room take on a new colorful effect!

Of course, a home wouldn’t really reflect your true personality without your choice of decor to express yourself! The home decor trends of 2022 mostly consist of unique pieces of furniture, but also incorporate nature, according to Good Housekeeping. A lot of decor trends are inspired by the 1970’s with lots of color and curves. Furniture with curves is the most popular style right now, ranging from couches to loveseats and armchairs to coffee tables. Nature is also important to interior designers wanting to bring the outdoors indoors. Add a houseplant to any part of your home to help bring some life into your design! 

This year’s design trends can be a lot to take in. Online interior design services can help with that! By using an online design service, an interior designer can help make your visions for your home come to life. By using the design trends of this year, make your home pop with color to brighten up your day to day lives! Let’s start the year off right– with a design change in the right direction.