There are so many benefits to being organized. I am not exaggerating when I say it affects you emotionally, mentally, and physically. Stay with me now as I dive a little deeper as I explain my reasoning on this. First of all, you can google it, there are many studies that support this. From the importance of making your bed daily, to how clutter causes depression. I would be so bold as to say that more of us are unorganized than organized. Being organized is a nearly coveted skill and it can be yours with a few simple repeated daily tasks.
Skill number one, declutter daily. Clutter is linked to depression and I will strongly argue against anyone who claims to thrive in clutter. Clutter is stressful for the obvious reason that it’s chaotic and a giant waste of time as you shuffle through things to find what you need. The only way to tackle and alleviate yourself from this nuisance is to throw away things daily. Take five minutes to go through your paperwork, mail, or random items that collect on a counter and either put them in a place that you can deal with later and easily find or throw away.
This brings me to my second point that is having a place for everything. You cannot throw away everything that is cluttering up your counters, desks etcetera because there are some things that are important and need to be kept, or dealt with when you have time. The first thing I always think of is mail, cards, and paperwork. This is when having a place to put things away is crucial. A few other items I think of are my kid’s art and knickknacks they bring home from school and other various places. They eventually have to go somewhere or they end up as clutter. Spending a little money on organizational items is worth it, and there are cute options you can look on Pinterest for. Or better yet, reach out to us and we can get your home organized in no time!