If you’ve kept up with our theme from last week, you know how you can decorate for fall: pumpkins, leaves, garlands, even the famous fall tree. Now that you have everything you want to decorate with… where do you go next? Here’s the next question: how can you determine your fall style? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

\"\"Your style of decor is a window to your personality. We don’t want to change how you decorate your room. Incorporating fall into your style is the best way to ensure that we maximize both your personality and the season!

One of the more common approaches to fall decor is farmhouse/country style. This is a more neutral-toned scheme that can incorporate white pumpkins into wooden backgrounds, for example. Rustic is another style similar to farmhouse, but with more color.

A sometimes overlooked style that creates a modern atmosphere, and is also minimalistic. Great for those who love fall, don’t want it to overtake their house!


Boho fall decor is a less traditional look, but just as popular! It involves a lot of plants and hanging decor!

There are countless styles of decor, and we only have the time for a few, so be sure to check out some more options here! https://www.greenwick.biz/post/finding-your-design-style

Have fun experimenting with different styles to find your own!