Christmas is almost here! If you haven’t put those finishing touches on your Christmas decorating, this is your sign to do it now! Here are a few last minute tips on the different styles of wreaths and how to display them!

\"\"Christmas wreaths come in all shapes and sizes! When you think of your personal wreath, you might think of something different than your designer friends. The most traditional approach is greenery. You can use just the wreath itself, or you can add design elements to it, like ribbons, ornaments, and floral embellishments.

Artificial wreaths are also popular. This will be your tulle, burlap, and ribbon based wreaths (easy to make yourself!). You can also decorate these just like how you would your greenery wreaths; adding small embellishments or leaving it as it is. Though this style is popular, designers like to put a twist on things- a wreath made of ornaments and small trinkets! The opposite of traditional, this style of wreath is creative and fun to look at!

Hurry and grab your wreaths and put up your favorite style of wreath this Christmas!