It’s that time of year again!

The end of the summer is the perfect time to get reorganized. As the kids start school again, make room for all of the back-to-school essentials that make your life a little less clustered!


By creating a designated space for homework, the after-school paperwork stays in one place. Now the kitchen table is free for actually eating dinner! A simple space also makes it easier to study and stay productive, so both the parents and students benefit from this fun addition to your house. A new desk would make this space as attractive as it is useful!


\"\"Choosing a spot to put backpacks, book bags, and other go-packs helps the flow of traffic within the household. Hooks and shelves are the best way to store these items without taking up much space. By setting a designated spot for items it aids in teaching responsibility, while preventing the \”running late\” sparked fights.

Let\’s get you and your family prepared for this school year!

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